Copper Rope Black Leather Bracelet


Black Leather Adjustable Cuff Bracelet

      This bracelet weighs: 25 grams    

      It measures: 7" Long x 1/4" Wide

 These unique leather bracelets are brass on the inside that is then wrapped in leather.  The leather is decorated and embellished with handcrafted copper.  The brass on the inside makes them slightly flexible and they can be squeezed tight to one’s wrist.  Yes, you can bend it to make it fit comfortably. A special treasure to last! The classic leather bracelet is so comfortable you will want to wear it every day. People of all types love these bracelets.  Tiny ladies love them because they fit to smaller wrist sizes with their flexibility.  Bikers love them because they have a rugged masculine look and a durable quality.  Business men love them because they look sleek with a suit.  Cowboys love them for their western feel.  They are southwestern in design, yet can be nautical in style with different rope patterns.  They look great on their own or stackable with other braceletsThese leather bracelets are truly unique and they are our most popular item.  We hope you will love yours.   These leather bracelets make great gifts for any occasion.  Use a polishing cloth to keep the metals shiny. With a little care it will last a lifetime.

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