Frenchiestore - Dog Pet Reversible Health Harness | 101 Dalmatians


Pet Health Harness features: Reversible dog harness featuring 2 unique prints which can be interchanged in seconds with ease. Double breakaway indestructible buckles with the latest safe technology. Dual D rings for a no choke, no pull walk. Luxury water resistant fabric on both sides. Vegan leather branding. Frenchiestore® engraved hardware. Sizes range from XS-XXL to fit many dog breeds. Vibrant crisp colors with fade resistant. One of a kind Frenchiestore® custom design on each element of this product. French Bulldog Health Harness benefits | Front leading dog harness Optimal use for the front D ring - proven to support with the mental and physical state of your pet: Training pullers. Dogs with aggression and dominance issues. Brachycephalic Obstructive Airway Syndrome. (BOAS) The use during water therapy sessions. Intervertebral disk disease IVDD. Arthritis/ mobility difficulties. Dogs with prior surgery.
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