Rose Gold Hoop Earrings


These earring are great for everyday wear.  They are stainless steel with rose gold.  The are  click backs and lock securely in place.

Rose Gold Filled Hoop Earrings, Light Weight, Oval Stacking Minimalist Hoops in Different Sizes, Simple Snap Posts

We have three earring types all made with rose gold filling.

All hoops are 2mm thick rose gold tubing with a latch back and have been measured by internal circumference (the inside of the hoop is what was measured):

The larger oval hoops have an internal circumference of 40mm in length and 26mm in width.

The medium oval hoops are 30mm in length by 21mm in width.

The smallest, round hoops are 12mm in length by 10mm in width.

These earrings are the largest size.

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