Sertodo Copper - Kitchen Canisters, Set of 3


100% solid copper canisters are excellent natural, clean elements to incorporate in your kitchen due to copper's many natural properties that benefit our health. Improved design, better closure, solid construction. Add elegance and function to your kitchen with our range of copper canisters for storing goods that are used relatively frequently or store well, such as flour, cookies, sugar, coffee, tea, rice, etc... Our copper scoop makes a great addition to this set. As with all our copper goods, these are made to be used, made to look good and made to last for generations! These can be engraved to customize them for your home! Available in Polished or our Peacock Patina Please note that these do not have an airtight seal and work best with food items that turn over or store well rather than for long term storage. Sizes included: 2 cup (5x3 inch), 1 quart (6x4 inch), 2 quart (7x5 inch) Our hammer polish beats shine, beauty and durability into every piece. Heavy gauge, pure copper
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