Shiny Hammered Copper Water Bottle


Stand out from the crowd with this beautiful solid all copper shiny hammered water bottle holding 32 oz of water. Not only does it keep your water extreamly cold it also has added health benefits after the water sits in the water bottle for 8 hours. 


 12 reasons drinking water in the copper vessel is beneficial
#1 Helps the digestive system perform better
#2 Aids in weight loss
#3 Helps heal wounds faster
#4 Slows down the ageing
#5 Helps maintain cardiovascular health and beats hypertension
#6 Can fight cancer
#7 Can kill bacteria
#8 Stimulates your brain
#9 Regulates the working of the thyroid gland
#10 Beats arthritis and inflamed joints
#11 Skin health and melanin production
#12 Beats anemia


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