Gone Fishing Platter TB-11



Handmade Copper Enamelware made in Swan Valley Montana

About Swan Valley Copper

The ancient technique of copper enameling is being recreated in a log cabin deep in the Rocky Mountains, by husband and wife team, Jeri and Roger Watson.

Each original creation is a process of melting powdered glass on solid copper, at 1800 degrees Fahrenheit. After many firings in our kilns, this process creates deep color tones and a beautiful surface.

The solid copper welded borders with filigree design on many of our pieces makes Swan Valley Copper unique. Each piece is handmade and signed with our own JR insignia.

The beauty of copper enameling is in the combination of the jewel-like colors and the way it contours to each of the differently shaped bowls.

The copper and glass must be red hot in order tofuse. At that point, the fluid glass stones may be manipulated into patterns. Many firings at high temperatures creates deep, transparent colors.

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