Solid Sterling Silver and Copper Circle Premium Earrings


Mixed Tone Earrings

  • Beautifully Handmade 
  • Moves with you, as each piece remains free flowing and non soldered
  • Surgical Stainless hooks for hypoallergenic wear
  • Pure Silver over Brass core, allowing for quality and lightweight comfort
  • Multiple Metal Tones that seamlessly blend with any style
  • Take advantage of The Healing Benefits of Copper
  • Easy Care & Simple Cleaning

      Each earring weighs: 2.5 grams   

We designed these earrings to capture and enhance your own radiance, by moving with you and catching the light on their hand texturing.  A comfortable everyday pair of earrings, weighing less than 3 grams each makes them so you'll barely feel them even after a long day of being your radiant self.

*Please note the weights and measurements may vary slightly from item to item as each is handmade.  All measurements are approximate based on design.

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