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If your looking for premium copper mug your not gong to find anything nicer. Our mugs are all handmade and they are solid copper and not like any other you'll find on the market. If your not satisfied with your purchase please return them within 30 days for a full refund.


Incorporating a copper bracelet into your daily accessories, the way you would a wedding ring or medical tag, could mean that you help prevent, or at least delay, any onset of joint pain in the long run. In fact, the mere presence of the copper on the skin, and the consequential absorption of extra iron and zinc, could potentially result in an overall natural strengthening of your joints in the long run. 

Copper Dolomite Rings

Copper Dolomite invigorates our entire chakra system while grounding our emotions into the physical realm!

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Benefits Of Drinking From A Copper Vessel

* Helps the digestive system perform better
* Aids in weight loss
* Helps heal wounds faster
* Slows down the ageing
* Helps maintain cardiovascular health and beats hypertension
* Can fight cancer
* Can kill bacteria
* Stimulates your brain
* Regulates the working of the thyroid gland
* Beats arthritis and inflamed joints

* Skin health and melanin production
* Beats anemia

Customer reviews
Customer reviews
This place is amazing!!! I absolutely love it! I recommend it to any of our visitors from out of town. It's the perfect place to find the gift for a birthday, wedding, graduation, retirement, a new house celebration or for a good friend "just because you care". Or maybe even for myself cuz I'm worth it!! 😉
— Barb Nickliss
Customer reviews
There is a gift here for anyone. The best part? When you don't know what to get your significant other, they do! Maybe the best part is their friendly smiles and superior service though.
— Joelyn Trost
Customer reviews
Such a fun stop with the cutest stuff, but also the most kind atmosphere! We checked out and left with our items as well a list of recommendations and all sorts of tips for our time in Butte. Definitely don’t skip this stop if you’re in the area.
— Chloe Fredere